Freedom of Expression Tracker: Assaulted

Assaulted – Any incident where journalists are physically assaulted, tortured, or wounded during the course of their work. The statistic we report represents the number of media workers involved.

Chimunhu sustained bruises on his right elbow following the assault by the police. The police reportedly continued assaulting the journalists despite being shown accreditation cards issued by the Zimbabwe Media Commission. The police also confiscated Mahove’s recorder. MISA-Zimbabwe notes with great concern that the assault of the three journalists comes barely a week after the assault of ...

The youths also attacked Zengeza West MP Simon Chidhakwa and several other residents including Masaka, who were on their way to attend a police sanctioned constituency meeting. Officer commanding Chitungwiza District Chief Superintendent Ndou urged victims of the assaults to report the matter to the police.

According to media reports, Silva manhandled camerperson Bangamu and sprained her wrist demanding she deletes footage she had captured in her camera. Silva later phoned the ZBC crew apologizing adding that he thought they were from NewsDay.

Anti-riot police assault journalist Lovemore Meya during a hunt for rowdy residents who were allegedly fuelling violence.

Photojournalist Crispen Ndlovu was assaulted by police after taking pictures of a cellphone thief being apprehended under citizens arrest by a mob of people who had chased him into an alley. Ndlovu was capturing images of the suspect being assaulted by police was requested to delete the pictures, and after refusing to do so was assaulted himself.

Four journalists assaulted by Right Reverend Isaac Tititi Moyo, after questioning him about allegations of attacks on his neighbours livestock for straying onto his farm.