Freedom of Expression Tracker: Assaulted

Photojournalist Crispen Ndlovu was assaulted by police after taking pictures of a cellphone thief being apprehended under citizens arrest by a mob of people who had chased him into an alley. Ndlovu was capturing images of the suspect being assaulted by police was requested to delete the pictures, and after refusing to do so was assaulted himself.

MISA Stance:

MISA-Zimbabwe condemns in the strongest terms the increase in the number of cases involving assaults and harassment of journalists by security personnel and worse still by members of the police force. The Commissioner-General of Police Augustine Chihuri should get to the bottom of these assaults more so where complaints would have been filed against members of his force. The culprits cannot continue to get away with these wanton acts lawlessness. It should not be difficult to investigate and bring to book the alleged assailants as the police in Bulawayo can easily account for the policemen who were on patrol in that particular area. We also urge the Zimbabwe National Editors Forum (ZINEF) to raise this issue with the Commissioner-General of Police as a serious matter where the lives of journalists are put to great risk by the very same officers who are supposed to ensure their safety and security.