Freedom of Expression Tracker: Detained

Freelance journalist Columbus Mavhunga was detained for close to three hours during a police crackdown on vendors in Harare on Sunday 16 September. Mavhunga was detained after he refused to delete footage he had recorded of the police arresting vendors in the Central Business District (CBD).

He endured the three-hour detention in police custody as the police officers moved around with him while they continued with their arrests of vendors.

Mavhunga was only released after interventions by the police spokesperson, Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba.

MISA Stance:

The media should be accorded unfettered access to events across the breadth of the country as they unfold, in line with the laws of Zimbabwe. We, therefore, call upon the government of Zimbabwe to stop the attacks on the media as journalists carry out their constitutionally guaranteed duties.

MISA Zimbabwe urges members of the media community and the public to report any media violations on the MISA Hotline is 0784 437 338. MISA Zimbabwe staff is also on standby to assist media practitioners injured or arrested in the line of duty.