Freedom of Expression Tracker: Victory

Victory – This includes immediate victories for media workers or organisations including being released unconditionally, having charges dropped, winning or avoiding civil litigation, overturning gagging orders and being acquitted of criminal charges. This category also includes incidents that advance media freedom, access to information or freedom of expression in general. For example, favourable policy statements, media friendly laws or policies and favourable and precedent-setting court judgements.The statistic reported represents the number of incidents.

Jemwa who had been in custody at Chikurubi Maximum Prison for almost a week, was arrested on 26 August 2016 together with more than 60 protestors following demonstrations in Harare’s central business district. Of the arrested protestors, 10 were also granted $50 bail each.

Apparently, the soldier was among the people that were also queuing outside the banks. It turns out the soldier who approached Jemwa and escorted him from the scene , wanted to know why the photojournalist was filming the queues outside the banks.

Mudzvova had planned to stage a one-man play titled: Bring Back the $15 billion. His play follows President Robert Mugabe’s statement that $15 billion in diamonds revenue had gone missing from mining activities in the Marange district of Manicaland Province.

Meanwhile, police are also reportedly keen to question Malvern Mkudu, the Media Centre’s research and editorial consultant. The questionings are in connection with a story titled: Pressure on Mugabe as another demonstration is set for ... as new party declares war on Mugabe.

The case in point arose from a story published by NewsDay titled: CIO “secretly” get bonuses. On 6 January 2016, NewsDay reported that the government had last year ‘quietly’ paid CIO operatives their annual bonuses despite postponing, several times, paying the salaries of civil servants. They were asked to report once weekly to the police, surrender their passports and reside at ...

MISA Malawi recently raised concern that some provisions in the Bill were retrogressive for Malawi and an issue of national concern. “As an institution that advances press freedom in the country, MISA Malawi believes that some provisions in the Bill are open to abuse and likely to promote extreme self-censorship and fear amongst online users and should be reviewed before it  is presented in ...

In its edition of 1 November 2015, the weekly reported that the alleged syndicate comprised police officers, Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers and Asians.

Kasakula, a journalist with one of the country’s mainstream print media houses, Times Group, was beaten and arrested in Limbe, Blantyre, southern Malawi on October 21, 2014 for allegedly taking pictures of an altercation involving Blantyre City Council officials and vendors. Kasakula was charged with ‘obstructing a police officer on duty.’    

Kudzayi who is accused of being the facebook character Baba Jukwa, was arrested last month and also charged with undermining the authority of the President.

The police raided the offices on 17 June 2014 on allegations that the community radio initiative was broadcasting without a licence before confiscating a laptop, newsletters and CDs.