‘Sunday Observer’ New Newspaper in Swaziland

The Swazi Group of Newspapers has added a new newspaper to Swaziland news stands. The Sunday Observer was launched on 20 October 2013, with a front-page story on the newly elected MP Jan Sithole. 


The inside pages featured opinions, including former Swaziland minister of labour Lufto Dlamini’s account of his one time dinner with former Libyan leader Muamar Gaddafi.


The newspaper focuses mainly on politics and investigative stories and also includes news on sports, opinions, world affairs and fashion, “Which is what makes it different from other newspapers,” says Managing Editor, Mbongeni Mbingo.


Speaking on why the Group decided to add a Sunday Observer to the existing Swazi and the Weekend Observer, the managing editor said Swaziland had its elections last month on a Friday and results were expected over the weekend or on a Sunday.  They managed to carry out a special edition on the Sunday, but felt a regular Sunday newspaper was necessary.


The Editor of the newspaper, who spoke to MISA Swaziland, also said, “The Swazi Observer Board feels that there is a market and demand for a Sunday publication, and of course, has decided to pursue this venture in an effort to fill the void of not having a publication on the day.”


He added that the newspaper will be of interest to Swazis because they have been calling out for a Sunday paper from the Observer; and because there is so much still to cover in the political spectrum, and as long as it offers the readers something fresh and exciting, a variety and a diversity of views and news, the Swazis will be interested and that it will offer the public a discourse on the core issues that affect them as a nation.


MISA Swaziland has encouraged the Sunday Observer to print media Ombudsman’s details and publisher’s details in their newspaper to help readers when they have a complaint or want to correct something.


The Swazi Observer Group of newspaper is owned by an investment fund called Tibiyo Taka Ngwane controlled by King Mswati lll “in trust for the Swazi nation”. There is also a privately owned newspaper, Times of Swaziland, which circulates over 300,000 copies of its daily publications and is one of the oldest in the country.


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Fast Facts - Swaziland

  • Official Name Kingdom of Swaziland

    Population 1 185 000

    Capital City Mbabane

    Currency Swazi Lilangeni

    Languages English, Siswati

    Religions Christian (83%), Others (17%)



    Print: Swazi Observer, Swaziland Today, Times of Swaziland

    Radio: TWR Africa, TWR Voice of the church, Radio Swaziland English, Radio Swaziland Siswati

    TV: Swazi TV, Channel Swazi

    Additionally, 8,0 % of all Swazis have regular access to the internet.