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Event 1

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Date: Friday 23 October 2015

Venue: Lusaka, Zambia





On Friday 23 October, MISA will host the 2015 Children’s Reporting Awards in Lusaka, Zambia.


The awards recognise journalists who have reported on children’s issues in a responsible and accurate way and have given children a voice in media.


During the ceremony, five winners will be announced, across the categories of:

  • Print news (750 words or less)
  • Print feature (Between 750 words and 2500 words)
  • Photography
  • Radio documentary
  • Radio News

The awards form part of MISA’s broader Children & The Media Project.  MISA has partnered with Save the Children International to create opportunities and safe spaces for the production of children’s media, sensitise journalists on child rights, develop codes of ethics for reporting on children’s issues and rights and promote fair, honest and accurate reporting on the experience of childhood.


RSVP to awards@misa.org