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Spread the word

Join the fight for free expression by supporting and promoting our work through your own networks.

Every week, we share alerts on free expression violations and victories, news, images, case studies (both the inspiring and the shocking) and videos. And throughout the year, we share MISA research reports and publications, invitations to events and more.
You can help us grow our influence and spur more people to action by:

  • Sharing your thoughts
  • Organising your own campaign
  • Contributing to our publications and communications

Sharing your thoughts
Encourage others to understand the importance of free expression by sharing, liking and commenting on content we publish on our Facebook page and our website, engaging with us through Twitter and talking about free expression issues on your own blog and social media channels.

Organising your own campaign
You can join one of our current campaigns [AP95]or download our campaign toolkit[AP96] for help organising your own activities to advocate for free speech and access to information in your country or the region.

Contributing to our publications and communications
We would love to receive your articles, videos, cartoons and illustrations, photos and story ideas related to issues affecting free expression in southern Africa.
Contact us to make a submission or pitch an idea. Your content may be displayed in our range of print publications, through our social media, on our website or in our email communications.