Trust Funds Board

Trust Funds Board

Trust Funds Board

The Trust Funds Board is the custodian of MISA’s strategic direction and funds, making it responsible for our overall performance and compliance and providing the organisation with effective governance and leadership.

The MISA Education and Production Trust Fund Board (TFB) was established on 24 June 1994 by MISA’s founding trustees, retired judge John Manyarara[AP9], Dr Gilbert Mudenda and Dr Bojosi Otlhogile.

The TFB is independent of MISA’s Regional Governing Council and has the power to dissolve any MISA structure, take disciplinary action against any unit of MISA and make the final decision in any matters of conflict within the organisation.

The trustees, who are nominated by MISA members and appointed by sitting trustees, are prominent southern Africans known for their commitment to media freedom. As well as media workers, our trustees include lawyers, business consultants and human rights and freedom of expression activists. This provides a diversity of skills and experience to the organisation’s leadership.

The current TFB Members are:

Luckson Chipare (Chairperson, Zimbabwe)

Beatrice Mtetwa

Tikhala Chibwana (Chairperson of Audit Committee, Malawi)

NomaGcaleka Rangana (Member, South Africa)

Loughty Dube (Member, Zimbabwe)