About MISA

About MISA

For more thanĀ 23 years, MISA has been promoting freedom of speech as a basic human right for all in the south of Africa and beyond.

About MISA

Who we are

We focus on achieving sustainable, lasting change to make southern Africa a safer place for media workers. We envision a world where everyone, including netizens, citizen journalists, activists, scholars and artists can practice their fundamental right of free expression.

MISA is represented in 11 countries across southern Africa. We participate in regional, continental and international forums, projects and actions to advance media freedom and freedom of expression across the continent and online, including:

  • Monitoring and drawing attention to violations of free speech and media freedom such as restrictions on access to information, killings, assaults, criminal charges and other unjustified attacks on media workers;
  • Advocating for law reforms to improve access to information and free speech; and
  • Supporting greater professionalism in the media industry by building capacity through training, workshops, seminars, research and information resources and other educational platforms.

MISA as a social movement with national chapters

MISA is also an organised group of activists advocating for the specific social agenda of media freedom and freedom of expression. In this regard, MISA is a social movement with the following characteristics:

  1. The MISA national chapters are membership based NGOs or Trusts;
  2. At the chapter level, MISA is made up of individual and institutional members promoting the right to freedom of expression and access to information;
  3. The representatives of these members are elected to form national and regional governance structures in accordance with the provisions of the MISA rules and regulations for chapters as well as the deed of Trust, as amended from time to time.

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