Our mission and vision

Our mission and vision

Our mission

MISA’s mission is to achieve media freedom and free expression for all as an essential part of strengthening democracy in southern Africa.

We aim to create a media environment that is:

  • Led by a vibrant, professional and participatory media sector;
  • Characterised by independence, pluralism and a diversity of views and opinions, media sustainability, competency and professionalism;
  • Where all members of society can exercise their right to access information, making citizens more informed and strengthening democracy; and
  • Where all members of society can exercise their basic human right to freely express themselves through any media they choose.

Our vision

MISA’s vision is of a southern Africa where everyone enjoys freedom of expression and pluralism of views and opinions.

Our vision is of a region where:

  • All members of society, individually or collectively, are free to express themselves without hindrance through any media;
  • All sectors of society are empowered to access media and information without hindrance;
  • Media is free, independent, diverse and pluralistic;
  • Media workers are competent, critical, accountable, sensitive to gender issues and the rights of children and aware of their responsibility to society; and
  • Laws, regulations and policy environments support media independence, diversity and pluralism.