Our current campaigns

Our current campaigns

Campaign partners

MISA partners with like-minded organisations of all sizes to deliver programs, campaigns and other initiatives within and outside the region to fight media violations and promote and defend free expression.

Working with others increases the sustainability of our campaigns, allows us to reach, inform and influence more people and helps us create greater pressure for change.

We choose partners who share our commitment to promoting free expression and access to information and who complement our work through strengths such as local knowledge, technical or subject matter expertise, reach, links and relationships.

Here are some of our current campaigns:

African Platform on Access to Information (APAI)

MISA is the secretariat of this network of civil society organisations promoting access to information in Africa through this platform for joint activities.

ACTION Namibia

MISA Namibia leads a coalition of like-minded organisations dedicated to promoting the principles of the APAI Declaration in Namibia. ACTION is lobbying the Namibian Government to put access to information back on the policy agenda as part of the government’s commitment to eradicate corruption.

Decriminalisation of Expression Campaign

MISA serves as a regional focal point for this southern African campaign to repeal laws criminalising free speech, such as defamation and libel laws.

The SADC we want

MISA joins a regional group of organisations in this campaign to improve the SADC structure, governance and leadership and to improve engagement and information sharing between SADC and civil society.