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Parly issues adverse report on court electronic management system

The IECMS in Section 2 of SI 153 of 2023 is defined as:

The electronic platform operated by the Judicial Service Commission to enable litigants in the High Court to file and serve process electronically, pay court fees electronically, track their cases electronically, and participate virtually in the proceedings of the court.

Media development in Zimbabwe: Imperative need to connect the dots

Developments in information technologies are now revolutionising entire facets of life through advances in AI, which requires agility in the government playing a facilitatory role in responsive communication ecosystems in Zimbabwe that speak to the broader league of nations that have since embraced the same.

Violence against women serious breach of human rights

Resolution 522 highlights that: Digital violence is increasingly gendered and disproportionately affects women, through inter alia threats of sexual violence, misogynistic disinformation campaigns and “revenge pornography…”

Information disorders during elections in Southern Africa

The media, citizens, and governments have a role to play in ensuring the dissemination of accurate and factual information while curbing misinformation and disinformation through regulations, programmes, and awareness.